We strive to integrate our core values throughout your Acrovita experience. Our practitioners enhance lives by training and educating you to live stronger, longer, healthier, and happier. Our commitment to our core values is demonstrated by our ultimate mission-teaching and empowering you to achieve your wellness goals.

Excellence: Acrovita Professionals use current information and theory while understanding personal limits. They integrate judgment and the client perspective, while continuing to acquire new knowledge throughout their career.

> We strive to exceed your expectations within the scope of our professional standards of practice.

> We share our knowledge by effectively communicating the plan of action and including you on all wellness plan decisions.

Integrity: We steadfastly adhere to high ethical principles and professional standards.

> We abide by the rules, regulations, and laws that apply to our business and professional licensure, certification, and insurance.

> Our staff understand the limits of their professional scope and will refer you to others, in the event that your needs lie outside of our areas of expertise.

Professionalism: It is our commitment to meet our obligations to you, and to positively influence your health as well as society at large.

> We take pride in facilitating your goals for function, wellness, and health.

> We preserve safety, security, and confidentiality in all professional contexts.

Compassionate Caring: Our team members identify and empathetically apply your life experiences when designing an Acrovita program to ultimately enhance your quality of life.

> We advocate for your needs to ensure the care of the whole being. This includes communicating your progress with family, physicians, or any other important medical professionals at your request.

> We empower you to achieve the highest level of function possible and to exercise self-determination in your care.


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Acrovita empowers your well-being through innovative fitness, physical therapy,
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