More Fitness Programs

These are examples of programs we have developed to empower your well-being.

Fit Body
Fit Body programs are designed to maximize strength performance while maintaining a training heart rate to increase your calorie burning ability. This program is for clients who want to see dramatic body changes and are willing to endure challenging and creative exercise sessions. Strength, Cardio intervals and flexibility training are emphasized, however, other techniques (massage, yoga) can be integrated if the client desires. For weight loss goals it is imperative to combine with a nutrition plan.

Fit Sport
Noticing more aches and pains after golf or a tennis outing? Our Fit Sport program is designed to train your body with sports-specific exercises to improve your athletic performance. Focus will be on correcting muscular imbalances through strength and flexibility training, postural alignment to prevent sport-induced pain, and sport specific exercises to improve on the field performance. This will help you play longer, harder and without pain!

Fit Baby
Countless studies on exercise during pregnancy prove that exercise is not just helpful for a healthy pregnancy, but a vital component to prenatal health for both mommy and baby. Physically active moms have shorter labors and less complicated pregnancies. This program helps to guide a prenatal mom to develop a safe and effective exercise program that benefits both mom and baby. These sessions focus on core muscle strength, back flexibility and strengthening and improving body circulation. These sessions end in soft tissue massage (if desired) to address those troubled areas in the lower back for pregnant women, or neck and shoulders for nursing women. A doctor´s clearance is necessary for a pregnant woman to participate in the exercise program.

Fit Life
Create your own experience. Have you achieved your desired level of fitness, but need an Acrovita practitioner to motivate you and create an interesting wellness experience? We tailor each session to your needs; combine yoga and cardio, or focus on core strength and flexibility. End the session with a soft tissue massage to the trigger points in your neck and upper back. We can design a complete wellness experience to help you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, and to empower your well-being.