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Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition and can help clients of all ages and fitness levels. Acrovita dietitians promote good health by teaching proper eating, developing modified, but enjoyable eating plans, and educating individuals and groups on good nutritional habits. Registered dietitians are not only food and nutrition experts; they are leaders in the field of dietetics.

Common reasons for hiring an Acrovita practictioner:
> I just had my baby and I am nursing. What should I be eating for both myself and my baby's health?
> I want someone to keep me accountable to my nutrition program. If I don't have some one to check in with, I won't do it.
> My doctor just told me I have diabetes. I need to have a diet that balances my blood sugar and helps me lose weight.
> My son is 12 and is overweight. How do we as a family help him to become more active and eat healthier food without making him feel bad about himself?
> My family wants to make a change. I can no longer sit back and allow myself and children continue to be overweight. Teach us how to make better food choices and get more exercise together.
> What are the best foods to be choosing in the grocery store? What should I be looking for on food labels?
> I want to lose 30 lbs before my wedding so my day is perfect. How can I do this safely?
> Life is too short! Now that I am retired, I finally have time for myself. I don't want to eat my way into an early grave. How can I lose some weight, but still enjoy parties, traveling and social events?

Cardinal behaviors for your successful weight loss:
> You perform self-monitoring by recording intake and limiting quantity or type of food.
> You have a long term weight loss vision for health which includes lowering caloric and fat intake
> You eat breakfast every day
> You participate in regular physical activity most days
> You take ownership of your health and the behaviors that contribute to it. You will no longer make excuses.


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