nutrition programs

You are a unique individual so your program will be specialized considering your medical history, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. The following may be discussed during nutrition sessions.

Our dietitian can empower you to:
> Achieve a healthy eating plan for life
> Understand basic nutrition and why food choices are important
> Be accountable for your weight loss
> Restore pleasure to eating
> Incorporate analysis of nutrition status from 3-day food log
> Enjoy new food habits
> Develop customized meal plans
> Manage medically prescribed nutritional plans
> Help with disease prevention
> Understand interaction of nutrients and physical activity
> Modify recipes and realize the benefits of conscientious consumerism
> Navigate the grocery store during a "shop and learn" lesson
> Make sense of food labels
> Survey your pantry to identify healthy foods
> Cook healthy meals through meal preparation training

It is recommended to commit to a minimum of 3 nutrition sessions. Below is an example of what to expect.
Initial Appointment (60-75 minutes):
> Introduction
> Discuss current eating habits and lifestyle
> Assess nutritional needs
> Evaluation of current status to set baseline for weight loss
> Review how nutrition affects health
> Learn how to make wiser food choices
> Restoring pleasure to eating
> Set nutritional goals
> Collect 3-day Food Record

Second Session
> Review information of first session
> Provide analysis of Food Record
> Instruction on basic nutrition and serving sizes
> Provide sample customized meal plan
> Learn how to prepare own meal plan

Third Session
> Practice with planning meals
> Discuss label reading
> Review of wellness portfolio

Future sessions are recommended for reassessments, to keep you accountable to your goals, and to give you further training on healthy eating plans.


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