physical therapy pricing

Initial Evaluation: $125 (one time fee for new clients)
What to Expect
> Full Physical Therapy evaluation by Acrovita professional in your home.
> Complete professional analysis of all therapy findings.
> Acrovita Wellness Portfolio that includes the following...
   > Complete Therapy findings and analysis with graphing and comparative data
   > Written goals and timeline for achievement
   > Tools to track your progress
   > Home Exercise Plan
   > Healthy Lifestyle Tips
   > Development of a therapeutic program to achieve your goals
> All equipment and supplies to complete the evaluation

Fitness Sessions: $90
What to Expect
> Acrovita practitioner will lead you through your customized plan in your home at a day and time of your convenience
> Ensure your understanding of the physical therapy plan and safe execution of exercises
> Manual techniques will be performed, such as soft tissue massage or stretching as needed
> Progression of your therapeutic program to move toward your goals
> All equipment and supplies to complete the session
> Recommendations of equipment to purchase, if needed
> All reassessments


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